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Environment and Disposal

Battery Act 

Batteries or rechargeable batteries which are necessary for operation may or could be included in the scope of delivery of electrical appliances. In connection with the sale of these batteries or rechargeable batteries, we are obliged as a distributor under the Battery Act (BattG) to inform our customers of the following: Used batteries must not be disposed of in household waste. Consumers are legally obliged to take batteries to a suitable collection point. You can return batteries and rechargeable batteries free of charge here:

  • at a public collection point
  • where batteries and accumulators are sold
  • by post to our mail order warehouse Etrona GmbH, Karlsplatz 3, 80335 Munich, Germany

Used batteries contain valuable raw materials that are recycled.

Batteries and rechargeable batteries are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out dustbin.

The dustbin means: Batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be disposed of with household waste.

The symbols under the waste bins stand for: Pb for lead; Cd for cadmium; Hg for mercury. These chemical signs signal that a certain limit quantity of the indicated chemical substances in this type of battery is exceeded:

  • HG: more than 0.0005 percent by weight of mercury.
  • Cd: more than 0.002 percent by weight of cadmium
  • Pb: more than 0.004 weight percent lead.

You will also find this information again in the documents accompanying the consignment of goods or in the manufacturer's operating instructions.

Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act 

Etrona GmbH's product range also includes electrical appliances (e.g. kitchen appliances) that fall under the ElektroG. The symbol for the separate collection of electrical and electronic equipment is a crossed-out wheeled bin. Disposal of these electrical appliances in household waste is prohibited under the ElektroG (Act on the marketing, return and environmentally sound disposal of electrical and electronic equipment)! As a consumer, you are obliged to dispose of them via the local collection and return systems of the municipality. Consumers can hand in their waste electrical and electronic equipment free of charge at one of the municipal collection points.

Further information on the Battery Act can be found in the consumer section of the Stiftung Gemeinsames Rücknahmesystem Batterien (GRS) ( Information on the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act can be found on the homepage of the Federal Ministry for the Environment under the heading Waste: (

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